25 Things I Know Are True at age 37

  • Bagels are just as bad as donuts.
  • "Choose your battles" is really good advice.  
  • If you choose forgive somebody then you should actually do it. 
  • Croissants are as bad as muffins. 

  • Eating nuts is a good idea. Nobody remembers to eat nuts. 
  • Meat is as bad as meat. 
  • If we never cried, laughing wouldn't feel so good. 

  • Being "broke flatter than piss on a plate" means you are having financial troubles. 
  • Global warming is real, dummy. 
  • Women are genetically disposed to being attracted to assholes. 
  • Depression is real, dummy. 
  • Owning a pet will mprove every aspect of your life. 

  • Having children is supposed to change your life, dummy. 
  • Small houses make loving families. 
  • Bananas will bung you up if you eat them too often. 
  • Friends are not important, they are vital. 
  • Meditating improves every aspect of your life. 
  • Some People will let you down and some will surprise you. 
  • PMS is real, dummy. 
  • Migraines suck. 
  • Chocolate is as a gift from God to women, literally. 

  • Sugar can make a headache worse. 
  • Drinking more water will improve ever my aspect of your life. 
  • Love is every emotion, good and bad, and sticking it out through them all is what counts.
  • Too much of anything isn't good for you.
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