My Jane Austen Summer

My bestie gave me a book containing all of Jane Austen's novels for my birthday a few years ago and this summer I plan to read them all. 

It is now early August and so far this summer I have read Persuasion, Lady Susan, and Mansfield Park. I fairly recently read Northanger Abbey so I feel like I can skip that one. 

My big ass Jane Austen book has been at arms reach all summer. It has been to the cottage, in my hammock in the back yard and as far as east as Newfoundland. I've even left it out in the rain of course. 

Right now I'm going to watch the movie Austenland (Adapted from the adorable book written by Shannon Hale on Netflix to continue my Jane Austen summer. 

Up next is Emma. 

I plan to end this summer rereading my absolute favourite book since age 14, Pride and Prejudice. And if I can spare sixteen hours I'll pull out my BBC DVD set too.


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