Creating Balance In Your Life

Feeling unfulfilled? Lopsided? Like there's something missing? Want to figure out what that something is and start living a happier life? It's simple! Here's how:
Use the wheel below to rate yourself in each category 0-10 (10 being Great and 0 being Terrible). When you're done, connect the dots. The idea is to think of the wheel as a bicycle tire. If your tire looks flat in one or more areas, that is where you are unbalanced and need to put some effort in.

You can't feel balance and in control of your life if you are riding around on a lumpy tire.
You see the middle section where it says Core Values/Purpose? Do some soul searching. What are your core values? These are the things you would not waver on. The principles on which you stand.
Make a list of the 'flat' areas and start brainstorming ideas as to how to increase the quality of your life in those areas. You don't have to be a 10 in every category, but let's get those numbers up! Don't just sit around feeling bad about your flat tire. Instead, make yourself a Goal Tracker (see sample below). Write down your goals, how you are going to achieve them, and how your are progressing. Keep going back to your list, adding comments and new goals while removing old ones and feeling good about your progress. Have fun with it. Get your kids to make a goal tracker too! Help each other achieve your goals!

In order to achieve your goals, you are going to have to change some of your habits. You can't change your habits without replacing them with new ones like Love, Respect, Patience, Faith, and Gratitude.
  • Love yourself enough to want to make your life a little bit better.
  • Respect yourself enough not to accept anything less than happiness.
  • Have patience with yourself, these things take time.
  • Have faith in yourself and in a higher power that will get you through the tough times.
  • Be grateful for everything you have today and everything that you will have tomorrow.
These are just a few small steps in learning who you are and what makes YOU happy. Get the most out of every aspect of your life and every person in it. Smile, love, forgive, and take chances. I want you to be happy!

Good luck out there,
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