The Big C

The Big C

And I thought my life was crazy.... Since I introduced myself to Cathy Jameson and her family via Netflix a few weeks ago, they have consumed my life. Never before have I been so enraptured by a television series family.

This show should be called The Big F. Whether it be at a funeral, in a classroom, or even at church, the F word is unleashed by any given member of the family, anywhere, and at anytime. It's pretty great to watch them go out there and say F-You to the world (and to each other) without reservation. It kind of makes me wish I had nothing to lose. I know a few people that I would direct my F's at.

Another suitable title could be The S Word. There is all kinds of sex going on in and around the Jameson/Tulkey family. Extra-marital, Ecstasy Induced, Underaged, Prostituted, Sexually Diseased, Rugby Slut, Phone Service, and Thrupple Sex to name a few. Even the good old fashioned We're in Love type of sex happens sometimes too.

Watching Cathy face life with Cancer, and literally take it by the balls, is inspiring. However, she often uses her Cancer as an excuse to behave without considering the consequences. She is bold and brave and doesn't take crap from anyone. If only more women stood up for themselves the way that she does. If only we chose to do what we wanted and what makes us happy without apologizing to anybody for it. Ah, the freedom - but also - the insanity. Without rules, morals, or care, can you really be happy? Where is the down time with loved ones when you've pissed off so many people that the only person who can stand your company is a Puerto Rican fisherman who can't understand a word you're saying. Cathy's 'What the Hell' attitude has rubbed off on her son, husband, and brother. They've all signed up for the crazy and are spinning out of control around her as she wonders what's wrong with them. It's ironic. It's sad. It's funny and heartbreaking. It's The Big F-ing C.

The new season just startart - I can't wait to dive in!

Are you a fan of the show? Leave me a comment, let's dish about it!

Good luck out there,

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