Rock of Ages

When you were a teenager did you ever make up a music video in your head while listening to Skid Row's '18 and Life' while rocking out in front of the mirror using your hair brush as a microphone? Watching Rock of Ages is the exact same experience, it's cool, sexy, and somewhat awkward while attempting to tell a story set to music.

Tom cruise channels Axle Rose and Captain Jack Sparrow for his Rock God character Stacee Jaxx, swaying around like a drunkard with his weird monkey, Hey Man (that's his name), in toe. Stacee pulls stunts like pissing on his managers feet, and talks in riddles, confusing everyone around him. At the end of the day, the poor sexy misunderstood rocker is simply just looking for love like the rest of us.

Russel Brand and Alex Baldwin actually get to fall into Rock n' Roll love at the Bourbon Room, while more love blossoms between two bright-eyed singers on their staff. The kids' story is cheesy and overacted, just the way we like it to be in our musicals. If you took away this music, this movie would be a train wreck. If you are able to sit back and enjoy some great music and a cameo by Sebastian Bach (Yeah, I spotted you in the crowd, still looking good Sebastian!) and a whole lot of Tom Cruise's naked chest, then you're going to have a good time watching this movie, just like I did! It may also have the side effect of making you feel slightly aged given this music is from twenty years ago. But try to ignore that fact and and simply enjoy!

Good luck out there,
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