Another Migraine - What Did I Do To Deserve This?

Migraines are the worst. If you are reading this, you are a fellow sufferer. I don't need to describe to you the unrelenting agony and the prayers for death that come along with having a migraine headache - for three bleeping days!
Can I help? Maybe. Here are some ways I've learned to deal:

1. Get some good drugs. I'm talking prescription. The ones I use transport me to another dimension where my boss looks like a dancing monkey and my computer screen looks like a floating portrait of my Great Aunt Mabel (I never had a Great Aunt Mabel). In other words they get me really stoned and it's hard to function at work when you're seeing bunnies doing a jig on the copier all day long.

2. Stay home. You can't work anyway when you are that high. Stay home and don't feel bad about it. Try to take the worst of the three days off. My experience is that it's always the worst on day two. Don't work from home either. Avoid your computer and other light sources, and don't try to read, that will just make it hurt more - your brain will start punching you in the back of your eye balls if you do! Just chill. Take a bath, do your nails, heck, go get your nails done! Get a massage - you see where I'm going with this? Unwind Mrs. Stressy-Pants. Don't feel guilty when you go into work the next day either - it's probably somebody there who caused your migraine in the first place.

3. Chill out. Literally. Put a cold water bottle, cloth, bag of frozen corn or peas - whatever you've got, on the back of your neck. Your brain is overheating and this will help. I promise.

4. Ignore everyone. Make it clear that it's for their own safety. You are a ticking bomb and should be buried under blankets in your bed like the freak you are, away from regular humans.

5. Put that chocolate down! And move away from the donuts. Sugar only magnifies the pain. Migraines are that evil.

6. I heard that Magnesium prevent migraines, so too late if you've already got one!

Other preventative measures:
Find a new job that you actually like.
Use bath salts to soak up that Magnesium I mentioned earlier.
Take all your vitamins like a good girl.
Eat less sugar :(
Exercise and eat a balanced diet.
Drink tons of water every day.
Relax. A lot. It takes practise.

If you have any other Migraine advice or rants, feel free to leave a post.

Good luck out there,
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