I read somewhere that there is now etiquette for taking selfies. Such as, comb your hair, at least have a bra on, things like that. Well, here are my own tips for taking selfies that make you look ten years younger!

1. Go find a picture of yourself from ten years ago and post it on the internet. 

Just kidding.

Here are my real tips:

Find a spot in your house with soft lighting. The best is if its filtering in from a window. Soft lighting seems to ignore wrinkles. And hotel lighting for some reason is perfect. 

Next raise the camera on an angle above your head so you have to look up a little bit...TADA! No more double chins!

And finally, don't forget to edit your photos using Instsgram.

Here are recent selfies when I was having a good mascara day. No joke: my father didn't recognize me when I posted one of these photos on FB. And I just saw my folks last weekend! What the heck?

Now you try using my tricks and let me know how it turns out!

I read today that Kim Kardashian is publishing a book of selfies. I suppose I could do the same. I hate having my photo other people who aren't as concerned about whether I look fat or weird or crazy. That's why I'm admittedly a little sfie obsessed, just to remind myself that I can look pretty in a photo, when my picture is taken in a certain light, from a certain angle, and on a good hair and makeup day. 

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