Grilled Cheese, Sort Of

I thought since it's lunch time I'd make my son a grilled cheese sandwich, the old go-to for saturday afternoons when I'm still in my pajamas. Don't judge me, well not for that anyway. When I started thinking about getting the frying pan out, I suddenly recalled a pin I'd seen where somebody made grilled cheese in their toaster. How simple and easy, thought I.

As soon as I flipped my toaster on it's side I realized that I hadn't cleaned it in about a year as crumbs poured out of it. I turned it upside down and emptied it into the sink creating a small mountain of crumbs that clogged up my sink. I guess we like our toast.

I prepped my sandwiches and tried to squeeze them into the toaster, now on its side, and then I had to reevaluate the situation since they were pretty snug in there. I squished them down with my hand and shoved them back into the toasterand and pulled the lever.

Enough smoke billowed up from the toaster to, one more time, doubt the genius of my plan. I let it ride, since I'd gone this far. When time was up I used a fork, yes a fork, (please don't tel l my father) to get the sandwiches out.

I slapped them on a plate and my son ate them up without a word about something being different about his cleverly fashioned meal.

Success rating: 8, because it worked and I emptied the fire hazard of crumbs from my toaster as a result.

Would I do it again? Hell NO!

Good luck out there.

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