11 Tips to Up Your Hapiness Factor

Feeling unbalanced, like something is missing from your life? We all feel that way sometimes. Here are some ideas that may help you get happy again. 

6 Second Rule: Kiss or hug somebody everyday for at least six seconds (enough time for happy pheromones to kick in).

Mirror Mirror: Every time you find yourself in front of a mirror, look into your own eyes. You are doing just fine. You don't have to be a Stewart Smiley from Saturday Night Live, just know you are in tact and upright.

Spend Time With Your Friends: Be goofy, drink wine, and laugh as loud as you can until tears are rolling down your face and your belly hurts. I recommend doing this at least once a month. I cannot stress enough how stress-relieving this activity is.

Call your Mom. Or somebody that loves you. It will make you both happy!

Five Minute Rule: If something needs doing and it takes five minutes or less, then just do it already! It takes you more time to think of reasons not to do it than it takes to get up and get it over with. Plus, you will enjoy the mental boost that comes with accomplishing something, even if it's just cleaning the sink.

Read: If you plan to live a long life, keep your brain in shape. Read, do puzzles, crosswords, trivia, or buy the book Listology and list as much as you can remember. I stopped using Google and started using my actual brain to remember things as a result!

Breathe. Take five minutes a day to be by yourself - for yourself. There are tons of meditation apps availble on Android or iPhone that are very helpful in guiding you through the process.

You Are What You Eat: Don't eat garbage. You are better than that. Listen to your body. It wants love, not diabetes. Even if you are just trying to be healthier, a food diary is a way to help you become more mindfully aware of what you are snacking on all week. SparkPeople has an app for that too and it's the best one out there in my opinion.

Be Kind To Yourself: You only live once and you will get to a certain age one day when you will love yourself and wish you had been nicer to yourself all those years. You're pretty great and always have been.

Just Keep Going: Whatever it is that you are reaching toward, just keep going. You will have setbacks, disappointments, and bad days. Just keep going and you will get there eventually. Nothing happens overnight.

Make The Most of Your Commute: If you can't seem to make it to Church on Sundays, there are plenty of radio stations that you can enjoy on your way to work. Joy1250 is one, and the pastors are modern and entertaining. Spirituality of any kind, rounds out our lives, and may just provide the balance you are looking for. If listening to really loud music gets you pumped for work, then make mix of your favourite songs and rock on! Personally, I enjoy listening to books on my way to and from work. Most recently: The Willpower Instinct, The Power of Habit. and How to Win Friends & Influence People. Books I could never have the mental capacity to sit down and read, but I believe will open my mind to new ideas and make me a better person.

Good luck out there,
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