Decorate With Your Mate

About the Author: Sylvia Wells has a Decorating Diploma from Schefield School of Design.

You know the great satisfaction that comes with decorating a room in your house.  Be it the powder room or the living room, there is a sense of pride that will come over you for months every time you walk into that particular area.  Now imagine sharing that feeling with your mate.  Not only the feelings of pride, but the memory of how much fun you both had decorating the room together.  No matter how big or small the project, it is guaranteed to bring you closer together as a couple. 

This concept has everything a relationship desires: quality time, communication, trust (in each other’s sense of taste), cooperation, negotiation and fun! The time together is exciting as you are both working on a project, a common goal and most importantly a change for the both of you.   Most couples are mainly productive at their jobs and likely aren’t appreciated for all their hard work.  But when you work together on a decorating project there is camaraderie, appreciation for the time and effort put forward, and inevitably, admiration.  Activities when decorating a room together can include drinking coffee while going over your fabric or paint colour options; taking trips together to pick out special items, searching the internet for unique ideas or simply brainstorming together. 

The best part of all when decorating with your mate is getting down to the nitty gritty.  Putting on your old jogging pants, pulling up your sleeves and getting dirty.  Cleaning and prepping walls for painting can be done in no time if you work as a team.  Crank up the music and really put your back into it the task at hand.  There is no greater aphrodisiac for a man than to see his woman tearing a cabinet off a wall.  It doesn’t hurt to have a bottle of wine on hand as well.  Use this time as productive work time but also as a slow seduction. Take time between moving furniture and painting walls to share a kiss or a playful pat on the hinnie with a paint brush.  Trust me, you will not be too tired to carry the fun into the bedroom once your project is complete.  You will be rewarding each other for months to come and remember the great fun you had together every time somebody comments on your newly decorated room. 

So stop putting that little project off and dedicate a Saturday to getting it done.  Soon you and your mate will have your entire home redecorated and you’ll be the most loving couple on the block.

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