Dancing in the Aisle

I found myself slow dancing in the aisle to Blue Rodeo's "Bad Timing" being softly kissed and falling in love all over again.

It was the very last song of the concert during the second encore that they finally played our song and we let our inhibitions go and slow danced in the aisle. Consuming three large ten dollar beers throughout the course of the concert may have helped bring this event to life as well. We considered that we might miss our song while one of us was in the washroom which would have been ironic and true to the roots of our relationship and the title of the song. But instead we were able to look into each others eyes and sing the words, "We each forgive a little bit and we both look back on it as just bad timing that's all", solidifying our past and our future together.

What a show! What I love about Blue Rodeo is that they are a no frills band. It's really all about the music. It's not their fault that the Amphitheatre had four big jumbo screens hanging from the ceiling distracting the audience from the in real life band playing on stage and instead staring up at a fifteen foot tall image of Jim Cuddy's harmonica playing, perfectly symmetrical face. They are such a good old fashioned Canadian band that I felt I owed it to them to watch the stage as much as possible and take in the ambiance of the group playing together and the audience singing along in harmony. I felt a sense of wonderment and peace when everyone in the audience sang out, "And if we're lost, then we are lost together." It made me feel that each and everyone one of us had felt lost in our lives at one time or another and that we weren't alone. The diversity of the crowd also lent to the power of that moment, bringing all races, ages, and personalities together in song. Amazing.

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