Footprints  In the perfect white snow 
Gloved hands and scarved necks 
Arms intertwined 
Silently walking along 
The smell of pine needles 
Secretly soothing them 
The cold crisp night air 
Warming their hearts 
With every breath 
They have all the time in the world 
Tonight, forever 
The first snowfall of winter 
Invited them outside 
And they accepted happily 
They pause to take each other in 
Noses red, glowing cheeks 
To share a thought; a warm kiss 
Before they carry on their way 
I follow the footprints they left behind 
As I walk alone 
This calm quiet winter night 
Thinking of you and I 
Who will not be sharing this winter 
Who will not share this season 
The couple that walked this way before me 
Are only a dream I wish to share with you 
I'll breath in this cool fresh air now 
And hope to sooth my burning heart. Pin It

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