As a child I asked God
To make me A good girl
To always keep love in my heart
And show me a straight line in this world

I prayed last night
It had been a while
I prayed last night
It was enough to make me smile

I’ve lost my way
Over the past many years
I lost my way
And ended my day in tears

What happened to the optimistic
Blue-eyed, girl
Who thought without a doubt
She could handle the world

There is no place to think
Here in the city
No quiet graves to sit by
And no pity

I long for my home
My childhood place
To recoup and re-gather
The girl I still see in my face

I will go forward today 
With my head back up high
And remember the promise I made
To that special spirit in the sky

And tonight when my son 
Says his prayers good night
I will know for sure
That everything is going to be alright Pin It

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