The Cruise

The Love Boat meets Castaway.

Written by Sylvia Wells

The dock faded away into the distance as the cruise ship pushed forward into the twilight of another tropical day. That was about the same time that I started to feel a pang in my stomach. It was my instinct telling me there was something not quite right with my current situation. All at once I knew I was in big trouble. I had boarded the wrong cruise ship after our day on the beach!
I told my sister and her new husband that I would catch up to them as we headed toward the ship about twenty minutes earlier.
"I'm just going to grab one more desert," I told them, "I'll catch up to you on board."
Having just broken up with my boyfriend I seemed to always be going back for one more desert. That's why my sister insisted on me tagging along in the first place, she was afraid that I would stay home and junk food myself to death while she was on her honeymoon. How pathetic I had become. I longed for the days of fun and carefree flirting. Sue thought that I might meet somebody if I took the trip with them, but neglected to mention that it was a honeymoon specific cruise we were taking. Was she hoping that I would steel some poor newlywed's husband? She didn't have very high hopes for me, if that was the case.
Needless to say that the trip up to that point had been a bust anyway and I wasn't entirely mortified to be off the love boat and out on my own. What did terrify me slightly was the fact that my luggage was on the other ship. Thankfully I did have my purse with me on the beach that day for impulse purchases such as hand made jewelry that I would never wear again in this lifetime.
Leaning against the railing of my new ship I began to ponder a few things: Where would I sleep that night? Should I report my situation to the captain? Would he think that I was a stow-away and put me in cruise ship jail until we reached land again? Well, I was having none of that. Instead I decided to check out what type of ship I landed myself on praying that it wasn't another honeymoon cruise.

Disrupting my thoughts, I heard a commotion coming from the pool area and made my way over, trying to be inconspicuous. When I reached the pool I couldn't believe my eyes! It was filled to the brim with green Jell-O and the guests were diving in from every direction. This was more like it!

Just then a hand grabbed my arm and a male voice asked, "Hey, what are you doing here?" I turned to find a shirtless, dirty blonde man with a deep bronze tan smiling down at me with his perfectly white teeth; assumingly not the Captain. I had a feeling that my throw-away vacation was about to improve dramatically.

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