The Bus Stop

Written by Sylvia Wells

He stood rod straight in front of the bus shelter. The ad behind him was bright orange with a radio station insignia spewed across it in bold black letters. The orange contrasted dramatically with the powder blue tuxedo he was wearing. As Juliette approached she couldn’t help but notice his eyes were blue as well, a crystal blue that brought with them a faint recognition. She waived the feeling aside as she took in the tuxedo more closely. It was of good quality and fit his tall well-built figure in a way that only a tailored suit could. The man she was observing did not seem to notice her arrival or her presence there and so she continued to take stock.

Sadness was evident in the way his mouth was turned down slightly at the corners and in the faraway gaze of his transparent blue eyes. His skin looked soft and smooth, hinting that it was freshly shaven that morning. Juliette asked herself why this handsome blonde man would be standing alone at the bus stop on her street where she had never seen him before, wearing a powder blue tuxedo. The expression on his face was distant and forlorn. Emotion overwhelmed her then and she touched his arm gently without being quite sure as to why she felt so compelled to speak to him.

"Excuse me." She said softly, "Are you OK?" Her words seemed to go unheard as the man in the blue suit did not respond to either her touch or her voice. She let her hand drop back down slowly to her side.

Jim. The name appeared behind her eyes without any other thought to guide it there. Jim. Perhaps that was his name, or perhaps that’s the name she thought he should have. His appearance and behavior seemed to have a hold on Juliette. She could not free her eyes from him nor did she want or intend to. Behind her she could hear the squealing breaks of the Downtown bus that was about to stop for them like a huge metal intruder on her examination. Juliette boarded quickly flashing her pass at the driver and taking a seat on the side of the bus closest to the street, when she noticed that the stranger she thought had boarded behind her had not moved from his spot on the sidewalk at all. "Good-bye Jim." Juliette whispered as the bus pulled her forward and the blue statue of a man disappeared out of her sight.

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